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Green Built Program

Building your home to be energy efficiency is important, especially in the harsh Wisconsin winters and summers. RPC has consistently worked to improve our energy-efficient building techniques, not only because of the increasing demand for energy-efficient homes, but also because it's our responsibility as a builder. Our environmentally conscious building techniques ensure that your RPC custom home is energy efficient for many years to come.

Going Beyond Energy Star

The Energy Star program is a well known and popular selling point among other custom home builders. In Wisconsin, this program is also known as Focus on Energy. The goal of the Energy Star program is to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by focusing on energy use and voluntary product labeling in a new home. While the Energy Star program is a good start towards a home's energy efficiency, a lot of factors simply aren't considered.

At RPC, we strive to be an energy efficiency leader in the building industry. Through the development of our own 120-point Green Built program, we encompass several green building techniques based on years of experience and research. Our Green Built program focuses on guidelines from the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification program of the U.S. Green Building Council. Although LEED is typically used in commercial construction, the same fundamentals apply to building residential homes. RPC focuses on energy efficiency in your home's design, landscaping, appliances and home owner habits to make sure your home is truly energy efficient - from the inside, out.

Benefits of Following LEED Guidelines

  • Increase Home's Value
  • Reduce Waste
  • Conserve Energy & Water
  • Reduce Harmful Emissions
  • Qualify for Rebates & Incentives