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Advanced Techniques

When designing your new home, your job should be picking out the details of your dream home. Our job is to think about the overall safety and integrity of your home. With years of experience, RPC knows how to take extra measures to ensure that your home is built to protect your family and save you from having to fix things in the future. What sets RPC apart from other builders is the extra steps we take to build you a quality home.

Structural Integrity

RPC uses several techniques to ensure that the structural integrity of your home is safe and long lasting. Other builders use the roof sheeting of a house to hold fly rafters in place, which can cause sagging over time. However, RPC puts extra truss blocking to ensure your home's rafters stay in place and to help minimize any sheetrock cracking. RPC also uses extra bracing on the rafters to prevent sagging and to save you from having to fix it later. These are just few of the extra measures RPC takes when building your home.

Energy Efficiency

Living in Wisconsin can be hard on a home owner's wallet during the below-zero winters and blazing hot summers. Energy efficiency is something RPC focuses on through all aspects of its building process to ensure we are giving home owners the biggest break with future energy bills. Most builders only Tyvek certain areas of homes, whereas RPC does the entire house, including exteriors walls, gable ends, sunrooms, and garages to make sure your home is completely sealed. Spray foam is used to insulate box sills, attic eves and all rough openings, including those in the interior of the home. RPC installs only vinyl exterior windows with wood interior finishes versus solid vinyl windows that other builders use, which are not energy efficient. These are just a few of the many energy efficient tactics that RPC have developed from years of experience that keep the home owner in mind.

Design / Future comforts

Since RPC has been in the home building industry for over 16 years, we have paid attention to what features you might want your custom home to include. These features are added to your home for future design and to make your life easier. RPC installs curtain backing on all windows for future curtain installation. We install custom built-ins like bookshelves, benches, lockers in mud rooms, desks and baby gates that can be easily removed later, to help make your home more convenient. Professionally installed closets help to ensure maximum use and functionality. RPC also installs 2-inch styrofoam with in-floor heat tubes in case you want to heat your basement concrete. If you don't insulate this right away, there is no going back. With an experienced builder like RPC, your needs are thought of from the beginning to the end.